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I'm a Chocoholic business mum of two that never stops! Based in Witney, Oxfordshire, though I deliver throughout the UK and Europe. I'm passionate about Weddings and helping to bring beaming smiles to your celebrations with my personalised chocolate bars. For me, it's all about the detail and the finishing touches that can really make an occasion be remembered. If there's something you would like me to help with; just ask!
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A ‘Wedding’ Interview with WrapperStar

What is WrapperStar?
In a nutshell I design and produce personalised chocolate bars perfect for any occasion. They are stunning and yummy wedding favours.

How did WrapperStar get started and how long has the business been going?
It all started with a throwaway remark by my husband back in 2007/2008! At a friend’s wedding he was keen to tell us all how ‘pointless’ wedding favours can be; that often they get put in a drawer somewhere or left on the table at the reception. We started saying ‘now if that was chocolate, it would be a totally different matter!’ and the rest is history ... I’ve been doing this ever since!

What products can you provide couples for their weddings?
There are 2 elements really – a ‘standard’ wedding favour where every guest receives the same bar, or ‘individually personalised’. Each wrapper can be individually personalised with the guests’ names, so they effectively double up as your place settings too.
I was highly commended as ‘Most Innovative Wedding Supplier’ in Ice the Cake’s INCREDIBLE Wedding Awards 2011

Can couples design their own wrappers or do they choose from template designs?
They can do either! You can choose from an existing design on my website that might match their colour scheme/theme. I can provide artwork dimensions if you want to design the wrapper yourself, or I can design a wrapper to match your wedding stationery. Pretty much anything is possible as I work with photos, logos, motifs, embellishments. It’s really your opportunity to have a bit of fun with the favours; some people have used nicknames as their place settings which was pretty cool! The majority of my work is definitely bespoke, designing for each couple.

What type of chocolate is used and where does this come from? Is it only milk chocolate or can couples choose?
I keep things simple and work with Milk Chocolate only. It’s not a branded chocolate, but I think best described as a cross between Galaxy and Lindt. Very smooth, creamy milk chocolate which everyone seems to love and is very popular when I exhibit at Wedding Fayres! It’s made in the UK and I’m very keen for people to know that, but exactly where it comes from is top secret!

How does the process work? How does a couple place an order with WrapperStar?
It all starts with an email/phonecall with a bit more info about your wedding. Whether you are looking at ‘standard’ wedding favours, or ‘place settings’, date, Bride and Groom’s names, a design/font you like, or an attachment of your wedding invite design.
I create a couple of designs electronically, which can be tweaked/re-worked if necessary and nothing is printed until an order is confirmed and full payment is received.

Is it possible to create wrappers for other items or types of chocolates?
Again, I keep it simple and only work with the one size of bar (40g bar which is 10 chunks of chocolate, approx 11.5cm x 4.5cm). I had the opportunity to extend my range, but it just made me realise the value for money that I think my bars provide. It also means I don’t have different stocks sitting around for any length of time!

What prices are the chocolate bars and is there a minimum / maximum order? How long does delivery take?
My bars start at £1.85 for the standard wedding favours and £2.25/bar if individually personalised. Again if you would like to add crystal embellishments or require a particularly complicated / ink-heavy design then I class those as ‘Extra special’ and would price for the additional work involved accordingly. This is always advised up-front. Minimum order is 2! and my only stipulation is that an even number of bars are ordered. Typically the bars are finished within 5 days of the design being approved and full payment having been received. People can collect from me on an agreed date, or I work with a local courier to ensure your chocolate reaches you in perfect condition. Again this is arranged for a time to suit you, where some will be available to take delivery.

Random question: What are your favourite sweets other than chocolate?
It’s gotta be Jelly Babies!

Where can people find out more about WrapperStar?
All you need to know is on my website or if you’re in/near Oxfordshire then you can visit me when I’m exhibiting at Wedding Fayres in the area. Come and taste the chocolate!