Personalised Chocolate Bars for Weddings, Corporate Events & Special Occasions

Why give a wedding favour?

It's believed that the first wedding favour, common with European aristocracy, was a crystal or porcelain trinket box encrusted with precious stones, known as a bonbonniere.

The contents were generally sugar cubes, bon-bons or delicate confectionery delights, given to signify wealth. In more recent times, & as the custom spread; sugared almonds were commonly distributed to wedding guests. Traditionally it was 5 almonds that would be presented , often wrapped in tulle/silk/lace to represent Fertility, Longevity, Wealth, Health & Happiness. As guests enjoy their favours, it is believed they are wishing the happy couple all of the above throughout their married lives. The sugared coated almonds exemplifying the bitter-sweetness of marriage!

But crikey – times & tastes have changed since then... More antiquated traditions are making way for modern favours...& to be honest the possibilities for wedding favours today are endless.

Giving a favour to each of your guests is your way of saying 'Thank You' for sharing your special day & is a chance to give a tangible reminder of your wedding day. Whether you choose to have something practical, edible, fun or charitable it's a real chance to display your personality. Decisions surrounding wedding favours can be tricky with such choice, but whether you choose something to match your colour scheme, your theme, or something that holds personal significance to you as a couple, be sure to choose something that will delight your guests & bring a smile!

Chocolate is always a popular choice. The majority of my work is designing my chocolate bar wrappers to match your wedding stationery, so you can co-ordinate your look right through to the finishing touches & accentuate the overall table presentation. It's all very personal & created just for you; I work with motifs, photos, caricatures, embellishments……..& you get to personalise the front & back of each wrapper - pretty much anything is possible!

If you need to keep costs down, my top tip is to individually personalise your chocolate bars with your guests' names, so they effectively double up as your place settings as well. Genius & saves you money!

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