Personalised Chocolate Bars for Weddings, Corporate Events & Special Occasions

Please do your research

Over the last few weeks I have seen an increasing number of enquiries where people have placed orders with OTHER businesses for personalised chocolates…..& have been left disappointed.

These people have purchased either through online shopping sites or direct with a company, but they have received ONLY paper wrappers & no chocolate.

Whether the customer didn't fully understand what they were signing upto, or they were mis-informed/mis-sold, I don't know….. but I want to reassure you that with EVERY WrapperStar order, it's the complete finished product that is supplied ready to adorn your tables or give to guests whatever the occasion.

If you are looking to order personalised chocolate bars then PLEASE do your research carefully.

My major concern with companies supplying 'only paper wrappers' is how do they know what chocolate you are going to wrap? There are all sorts of food labelling laws & requirements (especially with food intolerances/allergies etc nowadays) & the ingredients of the bar & Best Before Date MUST be listed on the outside of the wrapper, together with the producer's information. How are they able to comply with these food labelling regulations?

For these same reasons I will not supply only the outer wrappers, so please don't ask me to do that because you think it will save a few pennies if you source your own chocolate; it doesn't work like that.

If you're not already aware, I have written a number of articles in Wedding magazines & books as well as wedding blogs over the years, & was awarded Wedding Industry Expert status in 2013. I'm incredibly passionate about what I do, & pride myself on the quality of my products & exceptional customer service but unfortunately there are others out there who don't share the same values & that makes me both sad & to be honest, quite mad!

It may be tempting to try & do bits & pieces yourself to save some money, but believe me, especially with a wedding you will have a million & one other things requiring your attention……..please trust a professional recommended supplier to deliver your wedding favours/place settings.

I have come to the rescue with many a wedding & have had Brides in tears on the phone wishing they had found me sooner. I will ALWAYS help if you have been let down, but hoping that if I can offer a little fore-warning & advice, people will be better informed to do their research.

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