Personalised Chocolate Bars for Weddings, Corporate Events & Special Occasions

Top tips when choosing personalised chocolate bars

Personalised Chocolate Bars are a fantastic & cost-effective way of adding a truly personal touch to your wedding reception tables. It's a great wedding favour that all ages will love, & can be tailored to your theme/colour-scheme as well as being individually personalised to double up as your place settings too.

There are so many ways couples can use the chocolate bars to inject some extra fun into the proceedings, that they are sure to go down a treat with your guests.

We've asked Ally at WrapperStar for her top tips when choosing chocolate bars for your wedding or event. There are many companies that offer the service, but can you be sure you're getting the best quality? Here are Ally's top tips...

1. The Chocolate

This might sound obvious, but it's absolutely crucial! After all, what message does giving cheap chocolate send? I'm always feeding chocolate to guests at wedding fairs, who not only love the idea of what I do, but love the chocolate too. The last thing I want is people thinking, brilliant ideas & designs, but naff, gritty advent calendar type chocolate (you know what I mean!)

I shall never forget a lady bypassing my stand & telling her friends that she ordered some of these from Ebay & they were horrid. I made a point of explaining that it wasn't me & thankfully changed her mind.

Always ask for a sample bar!

2. Personalisation

Why settle for a space on an existing wrapper design that will only allow a name of limited characters? The majority of my work is completely bespoke, creating a design to match your stationery or colour scheme, using photos, logos, motifs or use your own artwork….pretty much anything is possible.

With a personalised product being at the very heart of what I do, why should you have to settle for something that already exists when you have the opportunity to create something unique.

3. Reviews & recommendations

Always look for testimonials & request photos of previous orders that you can see. Credible companies will be only too happy to share these. Talk to other wedding suppliers & ask for their recommendations.

Search online for reviews from previous customers, with an independent body or directory not just testimonials the supplier has uploaded on their own website.

4. Fulfilment

Are there minimum order quantities you have to commit to? How quickly will you have your finished bars? How will they be sent? When will they arrive? What's the shelf-life on the chocolate? How do you need to store them?

These are all key questions & ones that should be explained when you place an order.

It's often the design element that can take the time, especially if you are looking for something bespoke, so please don't leave it till the last minute to discuss your requirements. Saying that I have been known to come to the rescue of a crying bride on more than one occasion & produce orders in 24hours.

5. Pricing

If something looks too good to be true in terms of price, just remember to think again about the quality of the chocolate & the level of service you are likely to receive. Bizarrely, there are also companies sending only the 'paper wrappers' where Brides believed they were receiving the complete bar….so please do your research & choose wisely.

I try to keep my prices as low as I can to suit everyone whether a Wedding, Corporate Order or Children's party bags. After all why should the prices for a wedding favour bar be any higher than a child's party bar? It's the same chocolate bar after all. Everything I do is by hand & each bar is wrapped with time & attention, care & love! There are no economies of scale for me, a larger order is simply more work for less money if I were to discount, but I won't compromise the quality or service I offer by trying to cut any corners.

With more & more couples looking to save money wherever possible, it may be tempting to think you can create your own personalised chocolate bars, or alternative edible wedding favours... But please please please leave it to the professionals! You will have a million & one other things needing your attention before the big day & the component parts & time involved in creating your favours will way exceed the price of the finished products from a recommended supplier.

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